Elton a serial entrepreneur who's first business was a mango stand on a street corner in Miami, FL. Since the mango stand, he's gone on to found or co-found over a dozen businesses ranging from construction to coworking spaces to tech startups and crowdfunding festivals. Rivas has bootstrapped, been 3 months behind on his mortgage and maxed out on credit cards before succeeding and been part of raising millions in investment funds for his and other's businesses.

Elton has a background in corporate marketing, but left that world behind with a goal to reinvigorate the business climate in Jacksonville, Florida.

One of the most notable recent startups was One Spark, a multi-day international event for creators of all kinds where they can connect with the people and resources they need to make their great ideas reality. 


TEDxFrankfurt Speaker 2015

Jackonville Business Journal Business Person of the Year     Top 10 2013, 2014, 2015

Young Entrepreneur of the Year | Masters of Industry 2014

Regional Award for Excellence in Economic Development & Tourism | NEFRC 2013 

Margo Dundon Tourism Advocate Award 2013