Ruminating Online / by Elton Rivas

I’m an aspiring triathlete, entrepreneur, and passionate human. I've spent the past couple of years of my life rebounding from a half-decade in the corporate world while consulting others on launching things via Zero Confines and co-founding/launching a few ventures as well (CoWork Jax, One Spark). While I spent some time blogging about my triathlon trials and tribulations at I haven't yet put fingers to keyboard for my own personal blog. There has yet to be enough of a compelling reason to do so, until now, after making my first trek to Iowa to visit the ThincIowa conference where I had no less than over a dozen folks ask if I blogged about my thoughts on coworking, launch strategy, startups, triathlon and whatever else we chatted about while there.

Maybe it was the genuine nature of the folks I met or perhaps I am just entering a phase where I'm ready to share more via the web. I still debate whether or not the world needs another blog or better yet, my ruminations, but in the spirit of collaborative discourse and the fact that nobody actually has to read this, let's get started.