That's right... "Under-train," not "under-promise" and over deliver. It's something that's permeating my thoughts this past week as I mentally prepare to race in Venice, FL at the Rev 3 Half Rev on Sunday. Now, that I'm here sitting outside on a balcony writing this post and the weather has the upper hand, it all seems a little more calm. I should clarify that. My normal pre-race anxiety is a little more calm whereas the weather, is less than calm with winds howling around 20mph with gusts to 35 plus. It's kind of an odd thing to see as the sky is a wonderful blue, very few clouds, and nice and warm out, but it sure is windy.

I'm going in to the race tomorrow with the past month of training being less than I had expected it to be. Travel, other priorities and my first cold in a couple years have all turned my peak period in to what I like to think of as just an extended taper... The more I call it that, the better it sits with me at least. And hey, I didn't get blown off my bike today during my last little shake-out brick.

So, with all that said, here's the plan of action for tomorrow:

  • Up at 5am, breakfast (steel cut oats, honey & toast)
  • Set up transition and learn whether or not we'll have a swim; as of right now, it's not looking all that great, though stranger things have happened with Florida weather :-)
  • Bike: smart, steady and controlled effort through about mile 40, if still feeling good I'll bump up the pace a bit; Hammer Perpetuem & Endurolytes for fuel and balance.
  • Run: steady zone 2 effort through mile 7-8 depending on feel then push the pace; hammer gel for nutrition.
  • Overall: originally, I had some time goals, but with the way things are shaping up my personal goals for tomorrow's race will be much more about feeling good throughout and knowing that I pushed myself to leave it all on the course; sometimes that is more fulfilling than going fast!

In essence, we can only control so much in life and the rest is for us to just go with the flow on. Yet another reason that I love the sport of triathlon so much. It humbles us and reminds us of the simple things in life.

Wishing everyone a safe and awesome race tomorrow!